Helnan Palestine


Helnan Palestine Hotel at Montazah Park, in Alexandria, The civic & social center of Alexandria, known for its commitment to excellence in service & hospitality, Helnan Palestine is a five stars deluxe hotel with a unique location on Montazah’ s fine beach with its calm waters where the waves wash the golden sands and surrounded by the vast magnificent gifts of nature, 350 acres of formal gardens. Facing the Montazah Royal Palace that was once the site of the late Egyptian Royal Family’s Summer Palace.

Helnan Palestine Hotel was built in 1964 to accommodate the Arab Kings and Heads of States participating in the Second Arab Summit in Alexandria, Egypt on September 5th, 1964. Naturally, nothing was spared to provide maximum luxury, beauty and comfort.

The hotel’s location was carefully chosen in February 1964 by the late Egyptian President Gamal Abd El Nasser, and was built on historical grounds, within the 350 acres of lush gardens of Montazah Royal Palace.

In October 2002, the hotel hosted a number of Royal families and Presidents when they visited Egypt for the historical inauguration of the Alexandria Bibliotheca.

From the time of its establishment, Helnan Palestine continues to be the hotel of choice for many Heads of States, delegations, and prominent individuals and celebrities visiting Alexandria, all of whom are in search for luxury with comfort, excellence with style, elegance with simplicity, both in service and hospitality.

Helnan Palestine Hotel – one of the Historic Hotels of Egypt’s collection- is managed by Helnan International Hotels and offers 217 spacious rooms and suites, each luxuriously appointed and tastefully furnished with views overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and the Royal Gardens.

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