Considered one of the most beautiful beach resorts on the Red Sea Riveria. Add Ain Soukhna Egypt to your Cairo travel plans if you are looking for rest and relaxation. It is just 1 hours by car from Cairo.


Ain Soukhna, the Arabic for hot spring; was named after the nearby sulfur springs. The springs originate at Gebel Ataka, the northern most mountain in the Eastern Desert. Close enough to Cairo, this popular weekend resort has fine beaches, coral reefs, fishing and water sports. It is located about 55 kilometers (34 miles) south of Suez, and is the nearest bathing resort to Cairo.


Some hotels in Ain Sukhna are the best on the Red Sea. Traditionally, Ain Soukhna is a purely Egyptian retreat, only recently becoming an international destination. In fact, most of the the resort complexes consist mainly of vacation villas owned by Upper and Upper Middle Class Egyptians. However, many though certainly not all of the complexes also provide hotel accommodations. These range from rather quaint facilities for Middle Class Egyptians and probably some Europeans to International Five Star Hotels, which we may expect to see more of for a number of reasons. As an international tourist destination, Ain Soukhna makes considerable sense.


Ain Soukhna can offer a convenient itinerary to several other nearby sites. The Suez Canal is just to the north, while a ninety minute drive takes one to the Eastern Desert Monasteries. St. Anthony's in the Eastern Desert is significant as the world's oldest functioning monastery founded in honor of the Saint given credit for founding monasticism. Nearby is also the ancient monastery of St. Paul.

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