Sofra Restaurant

Sofra Restaurant

A restaurant located in the heart of Luxor that draws its inspiration from the rich Arabian culture. Sofra is situated in an old 1930s Egyptian house that still retains its traditional character. The three private dining rooms and the main salon on the ground floor are all different and each reflects an individual style.

The interior of restaurant Sofra is filled with antique oriental furniture, colourful copper lamps, beautiful mirrors and traditional decorations.

Sofra, an old Arabic word, means dining table and is also a synonym for generosity and hospitality for every Egyptian. In former days every household had a special room for receiving and welcoming guests, where delicacies were served on a sofra.

The variety in Egyptian cuisine is unique, with influences from many neighbouring countries thanks to a history of foreign trade, exchange and invasion with and by other cultures. Pharaonic texts and wall paintings in the tombs provide evidence that the ancient Egyptians loved a good meal too.

The menu offers a lot of choice. The cold and hot mézzes, side dishes and main courses are all authentic Egyptian recipes and cooked in a traditional way with fresh local ingredients. Complete your dinner with handmade sweets, fresh fruit and Arabic coffee.

Come and enjoy a real Egyptian meal in the hospitable ambiance of Sofra!