Tikka Grill

Downstairs from the Fish Market, Tikka specializes in grilled meat and famous for its oriental grilled chicken,Chicken Tikka was Americana Group’s first homegrown casual dining brand.

Strictly committed to the highest standards of quality and freshness, Chicken Tikka restaurants offer customers a unique experience whether dining in or ordering take-away or home delivery. The chain’s first restaurant opened in Cairo in 1972, and quickly amassed a huge following with its unique approach to serving grilled chicken, made fresh from locally sourced ingredients and eastern spice

It has the same fantastic harbor view as its counterpart upstairs, but tries for a more sophisticated atmosphere. Starters are collected from a salad bar, and the menu leans heavily toward Egyptian meat dishes such as rabbit with molokheya, grilled quail, and chicken Tikka. Ultimately, the food isn't as good as it is upstairs -- I tried the eponymous chicken Tikka with some aish bouri (crispy fried bread) and found it to be a fine,but rather unimaginative, take on the theme of, well, barbecued chicken.Desserts, a fine looking selection of mille-feuille, fruit salads, and crème caramel, come along on a trolley, but you may want to go down to the Grand Café instead.