Taziry Ecolodge

Taziry, or "full moon" in the local Amazighian dialect, is a Siwan ecolodge with an extra special touch of style, comfort and service.

It are situated 16 km west of the city centre, deep in the western Desert next to El Maraky Village at the footstep of the Red Mountain (Adrar Azugagh). It is facing the famous White Mountain (Adrar Amillal), also called Gaafar Mountain, and the vast Ghary Lake trimmed at the horizon by the beautiful forests of Fatnas.

It has been built with local natural materials in accordance with the Siwi ancestral construction method. Doors and windows are ideally positioned to capture the desert breeze, eliminating the need for air-conditioning. Oil lamps and candles are used for illumination giving the place a quaint and cosy poetic atmosphere. The salty soil of the oasis is called "karshif " in Berber. It is used by the locals to build their traditional mud brick houses, which employ mud as mortar and plastering. The ceilings are made from dried palm tree trunks and wooden beams.

Taziry Ecolodge is a luxurious eco-friendly resort. The Lodge rooms are very spacious and have private verandas. Each room has its own quintessence radiating the natural Siwan construction and decoration methods. Small windows capture the wind and eliminate the need for air conditioning. Oil lamps and candles are used for lighting to ensure a perfectly natural yet luxurious holiday for our guests.

A vitalizing roman swimming pool roused from a nearby local well, overlooks the famous White Mountain, the Ghary Lake and a beautiful palm grove. The lodga is also located 4 miles away from the Temple of the Oracle and 7.5 miles from Bir Wahed's hot sulfuric spring.

In Taziry, food is all catered from our organic Taziry Farm, cooked with delicacy and skill to serve our guests an exquisite cuisine. Taziry Stud took the challenge to breed straight Egyptian Pure Arabian Horses, in a harsh environment yet of enchanting beauty.