Sunrise at the temples

Abu Simbel, in the upper edge of the sky when the sun crossing the horizon, the sun's rays fall on the facade of the temple with the four 108 feet high colossal statues of Ramses it is a magnificent view, the reflection of the sun's rays on the statues who looks in the direction of the rising sun can capture the spirit.

Many dates in ancient Egypt are still in dispute, so one can never be sure if the modern days of sunlight in the sanctuary correspond with those of the pharaohs. But the temple complex is arranged and designed to be in the way that the first morning sun ray at the hour of sunrise in mind, and this is the only time a visitor can distinctly see its interior.

Staying in Abu-Simbel for a night or two will allow you to enjoy the peace and magic of this Nubian town at your own pace and discover the true spirit of Abu-Simbel, gaze at the magnificent statues for hours in the early morning.