Located inside Al Azhar Park on a high hill, Studio Misr offers panoramic views of Cairo, where you can enjoy a traditional Egyptian meal on an expansive terrace with the breathtaking background of the Muhammad Ali Mosque and the Citadel.


Studio Masr offers its customers a unique dining experience that is casually elegant yet infectiously fun. Food lovers and cinema enthusiasts alike will love this themed eatery. The restaurant is a tribute to Egypt’s rich cinematic heritage featuring photographs and memorabilia from the golden era of Egyptian cinema great. With more than eleven branches of Amer Group restaurants in Egypt, nothing beats Studio Misr (Azhar Park) for grilled food and family entertainment.


Unlike other Studio Misr branches, the restaurant's decor does not mimic that of an Egyptian film studio. Instead, the restaurant consists of a large terrace with various levels that overlook a garden with a series of fountain pools pointing towards the Citadel. The furniture and decor are simple, so as not to detract from the amazing views.


After such a filling meal, enjoy a walk around the park’s premises and stop by the viewing point from where, on a clear day, you can see all three Giza Pyramids on the horizon.


Studio Misr in El Azhar Park is the perfect venue for an afternoon date, family outing or friends gathering, offering a comfortable and picturesque outdoor dining experience in Cairo.