Revolving Restaurant located 41 floors above Cairo’s Grand Nile Tower Hotel (previously Grand Hyatt); considered the highest restaurant in the Middle East. Once entranced by the Revolving Restaurant’s vistas, you’re sure to see Cairo in a different way. Arriving just before sunset is your best bet for the most striking scenes of Cairo by both day and night. Being so high up, the scope is really mind-boggling; as both the citadel and the pyramids are within the restaurant’s view.


Grand Nile Tower revolving Restaurant itself is classic and plain, with tables and regal armchairs set up by the windows for maximum view. The open kitchen rolls around once every 75 minutes– which is about how long it takes to complete one round– to impress you with its fanfare, followed by interesting modern waterfalls.


Food is French and expectedly pricey. The menu features classic French cuisine, prepared in an open kitchen. Save room for the chocolate fondant dessert. Children under the age of 12 are not allowed.