Qasr El Bawity

Qasr El Bawity eco lodge is set in the middle of a lush palm grove in the heart of El Bawity, the modern capital of the Bahariya Oasis. Built and decorated in the traditional style of the oasis, the lodge proudly offers 34 rooms and 4 suites, which are large, comfortable, and elegantly decorated. Eco-friendly construction techniques of ancient Egypt were revived specifically for the building of the lodge. Each stone has been handpicked from nearby mountains and quarries. This property was built completely out of stone, with no metal or concrete, making it very authentic.Keeping with tradition and historical accuracy, only local materials and craftspeople were used and employed to create this one of a kind hotel.

Qasr El Bawity ecolodge fuses elements of comfort and elegance, and the warmth of its interior is balanced harmoniously with its mountain-like exterior, enabling you to enjoy a blend of luxury and tradition in a way that pays tribute to the natural beauty of the region. All rooms are large, comfortable, simply and elegantly furnished, and include private bathrooms.