New Hermopolis

New Hermopolis is a cultural village built on a privately owned desert land in a pristine location less than 3km from the Ancient Hermopolis at Tuna El Gebel, Mallawi, El Minia (approximately 320km from Cairo).  It consists of a visitors' retreat and a cultural space designed to hold academic and artistic activities for the benefit of the local community and international visitors. In principle, the project aims to capitalise on the unique heritage of this ancient city towards the economic and cultural revival of a largely neglected part of Egypt.

The visitors' retreat at New Hermopolis  is set at the very centre of the land amidst newly planted olive groves and young vineyard. It lies against a backdrop of breathtaking mountain scenery and flows freely and peacefully with the outside desert landscape.

The retreat offers exceptional accommodation for a broad spectrum of visitors providing short and long term residency for writers and artists, in addition to those wishing to explore the wealth of antiquities of this region or simply seek to rest and get away from it all. 


It will be open from October to May each year, offering a numbr of booking options for individuals, groups and organisations interested in holding artistic and training activities in the cultural space attached to it.