Luxor is famous for the Felucca sailing boat; you'll find them for hire by the mooring stations of the cruise boats on the Nile. These magnificent craft have been sailing on the Nile for hundreds of years and it's a wonderful way to explore the river.


Going on a felucca ride is a must-do activity in Luxor,especially if you’re not arriving to Luxor on a Nile Cruise.


Feluccas are these traditional sailboats you’ll notice in huge numbers on the Nile, whether in Luxor, Cairo or Aswan. They have been used to sail the Nile since ancient times, when pharaohs ruled this stretch of paradise that is Egypt today.


Sailing down the peaceful waters of the majestic Nile River,while watching the imposing Luxor temple on the East Bank and the pink hills of the West Bank go by, is an inspiring and incredibly relaxing experience you’re not about to forget. Felucca touts can usually be found down at the “corniche”,in front of the Winter Palace hotel.


It is preferable to negotiate the duration, itinerary and price of your ride with your felucca “captain” prior to boarding. One of the most popular felucca rides in Luxor is the Banana Island excursion. The felucca will sail north of Luxor to an Island covered with banana plantations; the boatman will berth the felucca off the island and take you on a short exploratory tour of the island where you’ll be offered a refreshing cup oft raditional Egyptian tea and some of the sweetest, most delicious bananas you’ve ever tasted.


If you need any help booking your felucca ride, ask your tour representative or your hotel desk for assistance.