Take a wonderful nightlife trip through Luxor in a Caleche “or Caliche” – a horse-drawn carriage. You can hail one down along the main corniche.

A Caliche, also known locally as hantours “hantour is the Arabic name of such carriage” is plentiful; it is a horse drawn carriage, and in Luxor the Caliche's are very heavily ornamented with either Silver or Brass. They are a common means of transport, and any visitor to Luxor/ Karnak is going to be hassled slightly to ride in one.

Best nightlife tip for city of Luxor is to catch a caleche and look around at the city how people living there enjoy their lives. A caleche is easy to be found. Surley, if they see you looking around they will catch you and start to bargain with you.

If you just tell them you want to see around in the city, surely they will take you to "their friends" who want to sell you some local stuff like papyrus or jewellery.