International Hot Springs

The International Hot springs Hotel is a 3 star category hotel located in Bawiti in Bahariya Oasis; the location makes it one of the best hotels to stay at while in town. Each of the 34 well-furnished guestrooms at the hotel ensures a comfortable stay with industry-standard room amenities.

Hot Spring Hotel is the only hotel in the desert. It has a water source which pours 45 degrees hot water from 1200 m depth; it is very good for relaxation and very healthy

It has a good value option with a clever location in the northerly oasis of the Western Desert of Egypt. It is a great base for enjoying  desert safaris and for exploring the natural desert environment. Upon returning, guests can indulge in massages and relax in the hot spring. This boutique hotel is a practical jumping off point for joining organised camel trekking adventures, motocross, and desert tours using 4 wheel drive vehicles;all these excursions can be arranged on site.

The family-run hotel welcomes guests to the tranquil environment of the oasis, with its fresh air, perfect stillness and almost perpetual sunshine.