Horus Resort

One of the best tourist resorts in Minya, located in the most beautiful place in Minya province, and four-star rating, Wide green area about 80% of the resort whole area. Located on the West bank of Nile, from its location you can see the sun coming up over the Eastern Desert Mountains if you are up at the right time.

Horus is in a good location and there is a small market about a five minute walk. In Horus resort there's nothing but a few yards of landscaped plaza between you and the banks of the Nile at Al Minya's sorely needed newest hotel. It's popular among Egyptian families with weddings to celebrate.

The hotel offers a wide range of accommodations quite suitable for all guests coming . All rooms comprise the necessary modern conveniences so guests may have the most comfortable stay possible. With its different type of rooms, you are sure to find a variety of rooms to fit your needs.