Helnan Auberge

Helnan Auberge Fayoum is built in 1937, this heritage hotel has borne witness to history. The luxurious hotel has been the official host of celebrities and prominent figures over the years. It located in the heart of Fayoum, some 90 kilometers southwest of Cairo; is a 1.5-hour drive away from Cairo, the country’s capital. Accessible by car or van, both foreign and local visitors have the privilege of vacationing in one of the country’s best-kept secrets, without having to travel far.

With its natural lakes and green fields, its historic sites and local culture, this hideaway is less known than the famous Sharm El Sheikh and Hurghada, yet offers a serene heaven where visitors can truly relax and enjoy the natural scenery and the majestic history found here.

This opulent colonial-style hotel was where world leaders met after WWII to decide on the borders of the Middle East. Later, it served as King Farouk’s private hunting lodge, though these days it primarily caters to wealthy Cairene families looking for some fresh air.

Spread over the fabulous coasts of Lake Karoun, the former hunting lodge of King Farouk offers you an elegant ambiance and a host of activities. Enjoy the unspoiled countryside and take a stroll along the golden sandy beach. Go fishing, boat sailing or windsurfing. Take a short excursion to visit the famous Seven Waterwheels.

The Hotel is a good base for exploring Fayoum city, as it is near Lake Karoun and provides easy access to local attractions. Points of interest in the area include Valley of the Whales, Fayoum city centre, the Hawara Pyramid, Karoun Palace, Medinet Madi, Temple of Dionysius, Ruins of Karanis, and Coptic monasteries.

Whatever you choose to do, the Auberge is the ideal base which also provides you with luxuriously appointed and tastefully furnished rooms. Relax in the tranquil and peaceful atmosphere of your room and quietly admire the stunning view of the landscape. This is truly an oasis and your perfect place to rest.