Hatshepsut temple, one of the most characteristic temples inEgypt that has a unique design and decoration. The Temple was built to serve Hatshepsut as a funerary temple as well as a sanctuary of the god Amon RA.


The temple of Hatshepsout, which the ancients called Djeser Djeseru, 'more spiendid'than splendid', is unique in Egyptian architecture. The temple, facingeast, consisted of a series of vast terraces which, via ramps, led up to the sanctuary. An avenue of sphinxes and obelisks comprised the access to the first terrace, closed at the back by a portico of 22 pillars and flanked by two Osiris pillars, and from which another ramp led to the second terrace, also with a portico of two rows of square pillars. 


On one of the walls, beautiful bas-reliefs narrate the story of the birth and childhood of the queen and the expedition the sovereign sent into the mysterious land of Punt, perhaps what is now Somalia, to judge from the giraffes, monkeys, panther skins and objects in ivory reproduced. 


On the last wall, 18 large and small niches were to house just as many statues of the queen, standing and seated. Characteristic of the temple is the pillar with 1 6 facets, so admired for its elegance by Champoilion that he called it proto-Doric