The Great Sand Sea is one of the largest dune fields in the whole world, it cover over 72,000 square kilometers and forming the northern edge of the Sahara, the Great Sand Sea is the world’s third largest dune field. Siwa is the northern gateway and the perfect starting point for a safari expedition into a truly magical landmark. Experience the infinite tranquility of endlessly undulating dunes before stopping at one of the desert camps for a magical night under the stars.

The Great Sand Sea is a smothers the barren frontiers of Libya and Egypt and is home to not one living soul. Parallel dune ridges run north-south for hundreds of miles, and anyone journeying here has to be exceptionally well prepared, as there's not a single well or water source in 150,000 square miles--extreme even by Saharan standards.

The Great sand sea Spanning the 600km between Siwa in the north and the Gilf Kebir Plateau in the south, the Sand Sea forms a natural barrier between Egypt and Libya. From west to east, this barren but extremely beautiful land is about 250km wide, though it reaches 400km in the south. Nothing lives here but the wind, and nothing moves here but the sand.