Fresca Café

As the second-largest city in Egypt, Alexandria certainly doesn’t lack in Corniche cafés and restaurants; though it does suffer in terms of quality, classy dining options.

Located on the ground floor of the Four Seasons Hotel Alexandria, Fresca is a café/gelateria that offers pricey snacks and drinks in a cool, classy atmosphere. With a frontal view of the Mediterranean Sea and bustling Corniche of San Stefano, the café itself is shaped in a curve with black cushioned seating lining one side of the restaurant amid the occasional burst of colour in large yellow, green and red cushions.

Large flat-screen TV son the wall usually play classic Charlie Chaplin films on mute, and the café’s music is barely discernable as waiters flit back and forth quietly; though you may have to make some noise to get their attention on a crowded night.

Due to the Alexandrian Governate’s new anti-smoking laws, the dining space is divided into smoking and non-smoking sections; but shisha can still be consumed out on the terrace, though with it comes a front-row view of the always crowded Alexandrian Corniche and constant traffic jams.

Most patrons come to Fresca for a quick bite or drink, though it does offer a respectable menu of pizzas and main courses. For appetisers, we recommend the Tuscan salad; a pleasant mixture of arugula, tomatoes and caramelised onions with artichokes, parmesan, black olives and balsamic dressing. For sandwiches, the club sandwiches and grilled beef burgers are standard in size and taste, with a side order of French fries.

It’s best to bypass the food and stick to your drinks or desserts. The latte and cappuccino may be too weak for caffeine connoisseurs; so ask for an extra espresso shot. The hot chocolate is supposedly made with real Belgian chocolate and garnished with whipped cream; though in this reviewer’s experience, it’s a case of hit-and-miss and perseverance for the waiters to get it right. When in doubt,order the Fresca cooler (around 25LE), a cocktail glass of berry juice with lemon and ice; or for a discreet alcoholic cocktail, try the lemon squash.

Desserts are laid out in bite-sized portions in the glass display, beside the selection of home made ice creams and sorbets, which include lemon, caramel, coffee and hazelnut–a particular favourite among many regulars. While many of the desserts are pretty and colourful; they’re often prettier to look at than they are satisfying to eat.