El Kebabgy Oriental Restaurant at the Sofitel has been one of Cairo’s favorite venues for a traditional Kebab meal. An iconic Cairo restaurant for tasty barbecued meat - grilled before your eyes - and an authentic Oriental atmosphere.


Egyptian women baking bread in a traditional stone oven isn’t an image normally associated with a five-star hotel; but at the Sofitel Gezirah’s El Kababgy, it’s one of the first things you see when you walk into the restaurant; and it’s something that they certainly take pride in.


Named after the traditional Egyptian kabab maker, the Sofitel restaurant elevates the humble barbeque concept to offer a taste of local culture to its guests. Set right on the Nile with wafts of delicious grilled meats scenting the air, it’s a dramatic and comforting atmosphere to enjoy while watching the feluccas go by.


Visually, the place is spectacular– the Nile itself is the star of this show and makes up for any perceived lack in venue décor. There are four dining areas, three outside with varying proximity to the water, and one inside, with modern décor and very inviting air conditioning.


The menu is simple and focused, sticking strictly to what would be offered in an Egyptian/Lebanese kitchen. They offer a selection grilled meats and traditional Middle Eastern desserts and others– it’s really that simple.