Desert Lodge

Desert Lodge is the result of collective thinking of international tourism experts - people who like outdoor life, nature and the beauty of the desert. For this reason the WADI Co. was founded which runs under Egyptian-Swiss management, a holding company, introducing a new concept of desert lodges in the Egyptian desert.

Desert Lodge is built in the traditional style of the local architecture and situated on top of a nearby cliff. It is surrounding by Fantastic and unspoiled nature, authentic villages, lush vegetation and some spectacular archeological sites from the Pharaonic, Roman, Christian and Islamic time; can easily be reached

You will be startled by the quietness and the splendid view, overlooking the unique village of Al Qasr and the distant sand dunes of the Sahara desert. 


Al Qasr, which is under protection of the Dept. of Heritages, is one of the many little villages, belonging to the Governorate of the Dakhla Oasis