Oasis Heritage Museum located about 2 km East of the Bawiti town’s edge on the road to Cairo, it created by Mahmoud Eed, a self-taught artist inspired by Badr in Farafra. Some feel that his fired-clay statues are more expressive than Badr's, but Mahmoud has yet to enjoy the same success abroad. 

Both artists portray a way of life that's almost disappeared in the oases, for the men at least, whose job it once was to hunt gazelles and weave mats; clothes and bread were made at home (women's roles haven't changed so much). 


A supine Bedouin drinking arak and a barber-doctor operating on a squirming patient are reminders that life wasn't so bucolic. You can't miss the museum, 1km beyond the town limits; a hilltop stockade with a pigeon tower and beehive domes, signposted "Camel Camp".