Tomb of Kitines is one of many Roman tombs in the village of Bashendi , Kitines tomb was occupied by Senussi soldiers during WWI. Bashendi village lies 4km from Tineida, to the North of the Main Road.

Bashindi, or Ezbet Sheikh Ahmad Sanusi Bashindi was named by joining the words of the name Pasha Hindi, the medieval sheikh whose tomb is found here. It is an ancient site and the modern village, probably begun during the Christian era. 

There are many Roman tombs at Bashindi. One, to which an Islamic dome has been added, is venerated as the burial place of Pasha Hindi. Under the Islamic dome is a Roman stone dome visible from the inside of the building. 


A second is the square Tomb of Kitines, which is richly decorated with funeral reliefs dating to the second century. The sandstone tomb consists of six rooms and is decorated along the door jambs, in the sanctuary, and at the tomb entrance. This tomb has been continuously inhabited and in this century was used by Sanusi soldiers in 1914-1918, and later by a Bashindi family.