Deir El-Haggar in English (Monastery of Stones), in hieroglyphs it is called Setweh, place of Coming Home. Deir al- Hagar, alone Roman temple located South of Dakhla Oasis ‘cultivated area’. It was built during the reign of Emperor Nero. The temple was built originally from Stones then partially reconstructed by mudbricks stones. 


Deir al-Haggar Temple was built in honor of the Theban triad Amun, Mut, and Khonsu, but is also dedicated to Seth, god of the Oasis. Temple is of sandstone; the collapsed columns from the entry court were of mud brick. The sanctuary still had a roof and parts of three front columns were still standing. 


Restoration was done entirely with the technology and materials used by the original craftsmen. 


A visitors’ center was also created, which includes photographs depicting the efforts of the restoration.