Al-Qasr, meaning ‘the Fortress’ situated to the Northwest of Mut, is one of the best preserved settlements of its type in Dakhla Oasis. Qasr Dakhla rests on the Sioh Ridge, nestled beneath the pink cliffs which mark the Northern limit of the Oasis.

Built over the foundations of a Roman city Qasr Dakhla is believed to be one of the oldest inhabited areas of the oasis and possibly the longest continuously inhabited site in Dakhla. The community has rallied to protect the old city of Qasr from the encroachment of cement building. 


Ayyubid Nasr al-Din Mosque 


This Mosque, with its 21meter (67 foot) high minarets, is typical of the types of religious buildings erected during the Ayyubid period. Beside it is the madrasa, or school, where the Quran was once taught to young boys.