Badawiya Hotel

Badawiya Hotel Farafra is situated at the gateway to the White Desert in Farafra Oasis. Badawiya Lodge features a traditional mud-brick building with modern room amenities. A pool with surrounding terrace and sun-loungers conveys the mood of a secluded oasis.

Badawiya hotel has 12 duplex-style and 8 one-floor rooms all with bathroom, fan and mosquito nets. Some of the duplex rooms have the beds upstairs to allow you to enjoy the excellent view across the oasis as you wake up.

The hotel has also 13 newly-built suites, all with stylish living and sleeping areas, bathroom, mosquito nets and A/C. Some of the new suites have their own fireplace. Most of the new suites have two double beds and a minibar.

One of the suites has a fireplace and one double bed. The hotel has a swimming pool, a restaurant, and a rooftop terrace. Our own farm exclusively supplies organic produce for our kitchen. This hotel is the perfect venue for a special celebration.