Aswan Market

Aswan Market is located near the Nile river valley and offering you a unique pleasure to shop in Aswan. It is a heaven for all those who have come to shop from the different parts of the world where fruits, spices, vegetables and handicrafts mix in a dazzling lively symphony, it’s a great place to buy innumerable things. In addition to the exquisite range of jewelry that is quite liked by the tourists who visit this part of Egypt, you can buy the cotton clothes and the shoes. But what draws the tourists mostly are the aromatic and the colorful spices that are mostly in demand. 

In fact tourists from the nearby areas flock in to purchase the excellent quality of the spices. Quiet interestingly if you ask all those who had been to Aswan as to what did they buy, the most obvious answer that you are bound to receive is the species. The place which is renowned for its spices is the Aswan Spice Market of Egypt. 

See the innumerable shops of various sizes houses the colorful and the fragrant spices. The shopkeepers selling them pile huge amount of the spices in large containers. No sooner you enter the Aswan Spice Market you can sense a strong aroma of the different spices. 

All of the, are of excellent quality and of international standards and are very pure. As you make your way through the Aswan Spice Market a bright blue rather a indigo colored would surely distract you. it is nothing but the indigo dye that is sure to distract you because of its lovely color. No matter if you are an Indian or in American, the aromatic spices of Aswan is sure to lure you. 

If you are having a plate of Chinese cuisine sitting in part of Europe, then the aroma of the lemon grass used is sure to drive you crazy. If you ask anyone of the secret then surely you would find a reference to the small town of Aswan. 

The spice has to belong to this Aswan Spice Market of Egypt. Most of the spices that you can buy from here are the following: Chamomile Caraway Cumin Fennel Fenugreek Coriander Nigellasativa Peppermint Spearmint Basilicum Lemongrass Licorice Hibiscus Hay.