Felucca Ride

Felucca Ride on Aswan Nile is one of the famous ways in ancient time to navigate on the River Nile. Felucca is a local sail boat, which benefits from the winds on the Nile, and whenever possible, also the streams.

Felucca Ride is one of the popular activities in Aswan.These canvas-sailed boats are an option anywhere in Egypt. You could possibly take a Felucca tour around the Elephantine Island, Kitchener's Island, and the west bank. Feluccas in Aswan are even more popular than in Luxor because of the many islands.

Felucca trips are great ways of cooling off in the afternoon, while being on an open boat in the midday sun may be too much for many. While out with the Felucca there is nothing stopping you from enjoying food you bring with you (it is good courtesy to share with the Felucca captain)or take a swim in the Nile.