Abou El Sid Oriental Restaurant is one of Cairo’s most recognized Egyptian restaurants. Serving authentic Egyptian cuisine that ventures back to the Fatimid Empire, credited to the man himself, Abou El Sid, who lived and cooked in the Fatimid Cairo.


Abou El Sid (also written Abu El Seed) restaurant in Zamalek is dark and cavernous, with an ambiance that harkens back to the1940s. The eatery captures a particular mood; you could easily lose yourself in the lively, often crowded room, with rich old-style art and low round tables emanating an aura of the glamorous past as lilting music plays in the background and flavorful odors waft about.


The Zamalek location has the air of a clandestine meeting place with large iron doors that are not clearly marked. They open onto a crowded restaurant bustling with activity. The place delivers a rich mood – perhaps to compliment its rich cuisine – with a tiled interior, heavy metal tables that spin and dark wooden chairs. Even the menus look vintage with both items and graphics, and the room is dimly lit, capturing a fire-lit feel even in warm seasons.


Abou El Sid offers a full blown Egyptian culinary experience that will most likely leave you feeling drowsy but well-fed. The service is not the most expedient, but is forgivable in the decidedly relaxed setting; besides, rushed service would be impossible among the low tables crammed together in a crowded room. The menu holds many options both heavy and hearty, so be sure to bring an appetite.